Stray Animal Control

In Jordan today, as in many other countries across the world there is a problem with stray animals, in particular cats and dogs. It has been common practice until today for the animal numbers to be controlled through a system of poisoning or shooting the animals. Not only, first and foremost is this inhumane, but it also does not solve the problem.

In October of 2009, Dr. Chinny Krishna, of The Blue Cross of India, came to Jordan in order to assess the situation and to introduce the ABC-AR programme. The programme is a capture, spay and release programme where the animals are also given an anti-rabies injection prior to them being released.The success in India has been significant.

Having met with government officials in Jordan, it was agreed to implement the ABC programme in Jordan. Through the partnership with the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), it has been agreed that JUST will house the ABC clinic for the north of Jordan (where there is the greatest problem). The vets who will perform the procedures will be a combination of vets from JUST as well as 5th year veterinary students. To read more about the programme visit the Blue Cross of India.

On March 22nd 2010, a team from Vier Pfoten International arrived in Amman on a two day working visit in order to assess the scope of the problem in the kingdom and to identify where to start the pilot project. It was agreed upon with the partners in the government that the pilot project will commence in April 2010 in the north of the country. The base of the project will be at JUST and the area to be addressed initially will be Al Mafraq where there is a real problem with stray dogs, especially with dogs coming across the border from Syria. The International team will spend approximately three weeks in Jordan in order to implement the programme and train the local staff so that they may then carry the programme forward in different areas of concern across the kingdom.

The Stray Animal Control (SAC) Programme has been ongoing and is now based at the Greater Amman Municipality animal clinic. The SAC programme is assigned 3 days a week at the clinic allowing also for volunteer vets to assist. Our partners at Vier-pfoten International have returned many times during the past 2 years to continue with the proffessional development and capacity building of our local staff and more recently travelled to Aqaba in the south where they ran the SAC programme for 2 weeks.